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Art Pen (7 colors)

Art Pen (7 colors)

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 Set of 7 colors Nail Art Pen 🖊  

BEFORE PURCHASING: There is no RETURNS/REFUNDS on these pens due to the sensitivity of it. If you make this purchase, you are accepting & understanding of these terms. 




Pens will only work matte surface as it need to grip the surface for the ink to adhere. Must let ink dry WELL before you put a top coat on! The ink air dries so depending on how intricate the draw & how ink was use on the drawing it requires MORE TIME to dry. Therefore there’s no exact timeframe but the minimum is at least 5 minutes. At this point you can apply another Matte Top Coat or Shiny Top Coat that is up to you.


Yes, you can erase by wiping off the drawing with alcohol or acetone but the sooner you know you want to erase the better, as it can stain the matte top coat if it sits too long.


DO NOT APPLY/ DRAW WITH PRESSURE like a normal pen/marker. You will damage the tip/nib if you press too hard.
When handling the tips of the pen, remember to handle with care! It is NOT a felt tip marker like a permanent marker rather it’s a plastic tube that releases the ink. If you damage the tip, do not try to press harder because that will just completely destroy the tips. Find a way to get the ink to come out such as gliding it sideways on a paper to get the ink to come out again.


When NOT in use, store them sideways (horizontal) so the ink does not sink to the bottom and dry out the tips. Also when not using pen, immediately put the cap back on to keep the moisture.




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