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Flash Gel

NOTE: Reflective results varies depending on the phone being use and it’s flash function

Flash Gel consistency is very thick. Some flash gel colors might be a little thicker in consistency due to the glitter color requiring it to be so. To aid the process, for example for black flash gel, you can paint the nails 1 coat black color first and then apply 1 coat of black flash gel over it.

NOTE: For our Gel Polishes be sure to apply thinly when applying so the pigment can cure well. The fall & winter colors with the darker pigments requires the full cure time of 60secs LED & 3mins for UV. Also, our gel polishes would require a strong professional grade LED/ UV machine for the pigments to cure well. If you notice that the gel started wrinkling up after you cure, that means you applied the gel too thick and it cannot cure fully or you might need a different machine.

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