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S&C Pastel 3D Texture Gel (5colors)

S&C Pastel 3D Texture Gel (5colors)

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3D Texture Gel is a thick viscosity gel in a pod used to create raise up art and create texture. It’s is non wipe meaning it cures with a non tacky surface and no need it to wipe it. After it cured, it is done and ready to go. It also can be used with CHROMES for raised up chrome art!

Directions: Over a matte or shiny nail, draw/apply your 3D gel as desire. Do not apply TOO THICK at once. Apply a layer, cure , and then apply another layer, repeat is your want a more raised look. Cure for 60 seconds LED & 2 Minutes for UV. Once cured, it is completed and no need to top coat over it.

For chrome Texture, over a dry top coated nail, apply your texture gel. Cure. Apply chrome directly on the texture gel. Clean up the areas you do not want chrome if you did not have a clean application and then apply your top coat.

Cure Time:
60 secs LED or 2mins UV


COLORS: As all colors appear differently on different screens, different lighting, different swatches, and different skin tones and much more. We recommend all customers to look up swatches of colors and product reviews on @sugarandcream or @ohsnapbeautysupply. Customer takes full responsibility knowing what they are purchasing. We cannot accept returns or exchanges because you did not like the color/product


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